What Makes up a Good Caterer

Like most careers, catering takes a range of training, carefully honed skills and hard work to succeed. While there is a lot in common with being a chef, caterers face plenty additional challenges. Caterers handle business matters such as accounting, customer relations and marketing, in addition to food quality. Searching for a way to stand out, and mix business savvy with inspired culinary vision becomes a big part of the challenge. But after this, a successful catering career is forthcoming.

What makes a good caterer?

Cooking At its most straightforward level, catering is everything about food. It does not matter how beautiful the venue is decorated or how wisely the place settings are arranged, clients will not return if the food is terrible. There needs to be enough cooking experience in a catering business to plan menus, make recipe substitutions and safely prepare, reheat and transport copious amounts of food.

Food Safety
A great caterer should be aware of and abide by the most up to date food safety laws. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for food safety regulations throughout the nation. Additional training in this is offered at various culinary institutes and local colleges.

Customer Service
Caterers work with their clients to design menus. Being tactful and polite is necessary, as one may need to encourage a client to substitute a specific ingredient or change a meal. Excellent communication and people skills are important to build up a client range and catering a successful event. A satisfied customer is the best reference and word-of-mouth remains the most effective advertising.

Creativity and Flexibility
Recipes might need to be changed to cope with food allergies, and cooking methods may need to be altered to conform to religious dietary requirements. An imaginative and flexible caterer will be able to succeed in these situations.

A caterer must manage a staff of servers, cooks and cleaners while ensuring their team is alert of their schedules, serving customs and food safety regulations. It might also be important to provide direction and advice to customers. Financial Planning
Changing work is part of the job. The busy periods, such as weekends and holidays must be belanced with times of the year where business is only slightly coming in. Being able to plan financially is important.

Attention to Detail
A caterer may also oversee some table arrangements and food presentation. Setting up, running around and clearing the dining room is under the task of a caterer.

Here at The Boys Catering, we are a professional catering company based in Linden, Johannesburg and we simply love creating inventive cuisine for our clients. Visit our website for more information on our excellent menus.

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Everything you need to know about High Tea.

Tea consumption has grown considerably since the 19th century. In the beginning of the 19th century it was a custom for people to have only two main meals a day- breakfast and dinner at eight o’clock.

The origin of High Tea started in the early 19th century when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford had complained daily about a sinking feeling in her stomach during the late afternoon; the solution for the duchess was a pot of tea and a light snack which was consumed in private in her boudoir- and that is how it all started.

Later her friends were invited to join her and soon all of the fashionable society was sipping on tea and nibbling on snacks during the late afternoons.

Generally the upper class would serve a ‘low’ or ‘afternoon’ tea around four o’clock. The middle and the lower classes would enjoy a ‘high’ tea at around five or six o’clock in place of a late dinner. The names: “high” and “low” are derived from the height of the tables that the people sat around whilst enjoying their delicious afternoon snacks.

Did you know that there are three types of afternoon tea: Cream Tea, Light Tea and Full Tea.

Always remember your manners when you attend a High Tea at the Boys Catering Company.
The term High Tea is usually related to a very British, conservative, and fancy way of enjoying a hot beverage in the afternoon. The concept of enjoying tea in this specific manner has become very popular in all corners of the world with no exception to the English nation.

There are a few tips and tricks for beginners to remember and take note of.

Whilst drinking your tea do not use your tea to flush your food down; sip your tea. Always remember to finish eating your food before sipping on your tea. Your mother surely taught you not to speak with your mouth open and you definitely shouldn’t open it with half eaten food inside to sip on tea. Raise your pinkie as you drink; it’s polite! Milk is served with tea; cream is not. Never wave or hold your tea cup in the air- the teacup must be placed on the saucer when you are not using it and teaspoons aren’t meant to sit in the teacup, they are meant to rest of the side of the teacup.

We hope that these tips and tricks have taught you a thing or two about etiquette. We sure hope that your newly learnt skills guide you through your next High Tea experience with The Boys Catering.

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Bredalee Spies
I shared the cupcakes with the all the ladies at the office and they definitely vote that these are the BEST red velvet cupcakes they have ever tasted. Please thank The Boys Catering (Llewellyn) on my behalf .......... don't forget the big hug :)
Barker Tilly, Melrose Arch

Leanne Salotto
The baby shower was awesome thank you and the food was absolutely SPECTACULAR! We will definitely recommend your services. Thank you so much, the service and food was amazing. Thank You & Kind Regards.

Sabrina Forbes
You are an absolute star, I don't know what I would have done without you! Thank you so much for offering up your home for this, I am sure it will be an unforgettable day for the kids. :) We can use a portion of the R2 000 venue hire towards the face painter? That would be amazing thank you! I cannot thank you enough! I can't wait to see the photos... I am going to recommend you to everyone I know, your service has been out of this world!