Anniversary Parties & Proper Planning

Don’t know what to do for your anniversary this year? How about a surprise party for your spouse! Anniversary parties can be glorious affairs, with sufficient planning of cause. When planning an anniversary, you need to plan appropriately and make sure that everything goes according to plan. For you to do this without anything falling through the cracks, it’s always a good habit to have a checklist along with everything you want done.

Usually a venue is the biggest decision to make about any event. Some good advice to follow here is to have an approximate number of guests and base your venue on that. You shouldn’t feel pressured to rent a venue, if you can think of a nice garden or are able to host the party in your home, then go with it! You’ll be saving a ton of money and you’ll be less stressed. A theme is great to decide on because it makes colours and prints easier to decide on where invitations and decorations are concerned. It also makes food selection or a menu easy to choose. Don’t forget that having a theme makes the party extraordinary and special. Putting pictures on the tables or wall of all your beautiful memories that is also a brilliant idea and it gives your guests an opportunity to see all the beautiful things that you and your partner have done together.

Have a guest list of all the people that you would like to come to your anniversary party. A guest list ensures that the party is well prepared and it goes according to plan. This will guide you on how many invitations to send out and an approximate amount to cater for.

If you book at a restaurant then you need to tell them before the time how many people that you will be expecting to come to your party. If you have the anniversary party at home then it is best to hire a reliable catering company that will assist you with the food and décor. You wouldn’t want to ask your neighbour’s aunt, and then end up with over 100 plates of burnt food now would you! The Boys Catering provides catering for any occasion and has a menu for all themes.

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Boosting your celebrations.

An industry on the rise nowadays is the catering industry. Catering companies nowadays have improved their skills and techniques. Catering companies have become more aware and now know that the market does not only consist of serving food, it now also consists of taking care of all the other additional preparations that are part of the events like selecting the theme, preparing a menu, arranging tables, taking care of all the drinks (alcoholic and none alcoholic drinks) and many other things.

Make sure your party or event is a celebration to remember
There are many catering companies that can help you host and set up an incredible event on any type of budget. Catering companies will give you outstanding services to make sure a party, wedding or any other type of celebration is one to remember.

Catering companies will make sure that they provide you with the best quality service possible because they value all their customers and want you to have an unbelievable experience. The increase in demand for catering services in the market has also increased the demand of professional caterers. The catering industry is often a twenty four hour industry.

Catering is more than just about food
Food catering is where it all started and is still the most important thing at an event. We live in a time where food catering is not enough anymore, people now require extra things which range from entertainment, decorating the venue, arranging tables and much more.

There are so many other small things that will either make or break your event
These things can range from the quality of the dinnerware, tables, chairs, music too many other things to mention. Those little things are very important if you want your event to be a successful one. So when hiring a catering company make sure it is a professional catering company because a bad catering company can ruin your event. So whenever you consider either throwing a party or you just want to host a corporate event consider hiring a catering company to help you with your entire events playing and hosting. The Boys Catering will organise your entire event including any hiring of crockery, tables, chairs, and décor, and will provide a full bar service if required. Waiters and baristas will ensure guests are served efficiently. We also have many suggestions for a wide variety of live entertainment from classical quartets, jazz ensembles, DJs, fire dancers and lots more to ensures the right atmosphere

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Bredalee Spies
I shared the cupcakes with the all the ladies at the office and they definitely vote that these are the BEST red velvet cupcakes they have ever tasted. Please thank The Boys Catering (Llewellyn) on my behalf .......... don't forget the big hug :)
Barker Tilly, Melrose Arch

Leanne Salotto
The baby shower was awesome thank you and the food was absolutely SPECTACULAR! We will definitely recommend your services. Thank you so much, the service and food was amazing. Thank You & Kind Regards.

Sabrina Forbes
You are an absolute star, I don't know what I would have done without you! Thank you so much for offering up your home for this, I am sure it will be an unforgettable day for the kids. :) We can use a portion of the R2 000 venue hire towards the face painter? That would be amazing thank you! I cannot thank you enough! I can't wait to see the photos... I am going to recommend you to everyone I know, your service has been out of this world!